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Carter's foolish meeting with Hamas

Benyamin Solomon's note: This was written first in May, and then a better article was written in June at the latest. Here is the full text of that article.

Former US President Carter traveled all around the Middle East in an attempt to reach a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. One of his controversial foolish meetings was with Hamas, a Palestinian faction of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas publicly calls for the elimination of Israel. Hamas has never said that they recognized Israel's right to exist or that they denounce terrorism to Jimmy Carter. But they did say that they'll talk with Israel and have a referndum. But a Hamas leader said that they may not follow the referendum.
The truth is that Hamas has not changed one bit. Hamas's goal is the same: Israel's destruction. Hamas has [and does] also call for an Islamic caliphate to rule the world, which is the goal of the radical Islamist movement including the Muslim Brotherhood, which inspired or was the father to groups such as Islamic Jihad, Al Quada and many others.
The Mickey Mouse program on Hamas TV i.e. Al aqsa TV shows Mickey Mouse calling for "world leadership under Islamic leadership." Hamas had another program, which was translated by Erik Westervelt in NPR, which called for world revolution [world revolution was a term used by the Communists to refer to their evil goal of a Communist empire that would dominate the world but Hamas meant for an Islamic caliphate to rule the world].
Hamas's charter calls for the destruction of Israel and all Jews and claims that Jews, Judaism, and Israel fight against Islam and Muslims. Even today, Hamas controlled propaganda on TV, mosques and schools and it's leaders when talking to their own people, calls for Israel's destruction and presents terrorism on Israel as heroic.
The international community has called on Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist, denounce terrorism and honor previous agreements, the three of which are rightly preconditions in order to negotiate with Hamas. Hamas said no to all three of the preconditions. Hamas did call for a ten year hudna if Israel returned to its pre-1967 borders. The hudna Hamas has made clear to their own people is that the hudna is a temporary state to get more strength and that their goal is Israel's destruction.
Hamas rearly sounds concilatory to the west while with their own people and many times to the west, they still call for Israel's destruction and expresses support for terrorism on Israel. Hamas still calls for the right of return, which would demograhically eliminate Israel.
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh [Haniyeh is also the current Hamas leader] was interviewed by Lally Weymouth. He said in that interview that Hamas does not plan to throw the Jews into the sea. He called for the right of return, which would demographically destroy Israel. But at the same time, he said that he said that they would recognize Israel if Israel gives the Palestinians all their rights and that they can only have peace if Israel gives the Palestinians full rights. While Hamas members and especially leaders would rarely say anything that sounds conciliatory, when talking to their own people, as I said, they call for Israel's destruction and for terrorism on Israel. Hamas has never said flat out that they want peace and that they recognize Israel's right to exist. Hamas is still one of the groups in Gaza firing rockets at Israeli cities especially at Sderot. Even after setting up a military dictatorship in Gaza, it's pretty shocking how people still whitewash this bloodthirsty terrorist group, Hamas. The three conditions are rightly preconditions and should not be the result of negotiations. Of course Hamas should give up it's evil goal of eliminating Israel before it engages in negotiations. Many anti-colonial guerilla and terrorist groups such as the FLN, IRA and Mau-Mau have never called for the elimination of Britain or France, but fought for the indapendance of their countries.
Hamas should give up terrorism. Should the people in in Israeli cities near Gaza continue to have rockets fired at them until their government engages in negotiations with the Hamas terrorist group?
For honoring previous agreement, the previous agrements call for a gradual land for peace. So Hamas is being asked to accept that principle, not say that they were successful [they failed because of the violations by the Palestinian authority government].
Hamas is a Nazi-organization. It was created by and is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which collaberated with the Nazis. Article two of Hamas's charter says:
"The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Moslem Brotherhood in Palestine. Moslem Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times. It is characterised by its deep understanding, accurate comprehension and its complete embrace of all Islamic concepts of all aspects of life, culture, creed, politics, economics, education, society, justice and judgement, the spreading of Islam, education, art, information, science of the occult and conversion to Islam."
Hamas has the same views on Jews as the Nazis. The Hamas charter also claims that the day of judgement will not come until Muslims fight us Jews, killing the Jews who hide behind the stones and trees, which say,"There is a Jew behind me. Come O'Muslim. Come and kill him."
Yet Carter is naive enough to take Hamas at their word, believing that they're moderates despite all this evidence. Neville Chamberlain was as naive when giving the Sudetanland to Hitler for peace, in which Hitler violated his agreements and conquered nearly all of Europe. Hitler accepted it for territory.
Carter has a history of making foolish mistakes. When he was president, he protested the Shah of Iran and Somoza of Nicauragua for their human rights violations. Carter even supported the Sandinistas.
In Nicaragua and in Iran, two governments came in. They were no better in terms of human rights and democracy. They were far worse. In Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took power in Iran. Iran was being turned into a fundamentalist state. Women lost their rights, being forced to wear the veil. Political opposition was [and is] illegal in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic republic of Iran [this is in no way describing the the Iranian Muslims or other Iranian people] was built upon destroying Israel and western civilization [especially the US] and for the aim of creating a Fundamentalist Shiite caliphate that would dominate the world.
The US workers in the US embassy in Iran were kidnapped and kept as hostages. Carter tried different attempts to rescue the hostages, all of which failed miserably. The hostages were rescued by Ronald Reagan as soon as he was elected. Iran got US arms in exchange for the hostage's freedom and money, which was used to support the Contra freedom fighters in Nicaragua. However, it became known as the Iran-Contra scandal.
Iran also supports radical Islamist terrorist groups such as Al Quada, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Iran created Hezbollah, which was founded to eliminate Israel and spread the Islamic revolution in Lebanon i.e turn Lebanon into a Shiite fundamentalist state. Iran also supports Hezbollah and according to Hezbollah deputy, Naim Qassem, Hezbollah carries out its terrorist attacks only with approval form Iran. Hezbollah also seeks to have a Shiite caliphate rule the world.
Also, in Nicaragua, the Sandinistas took over. The Sandinsitas imposed Soviet-supported Communist tyranny. They supported international terrorist groups such as the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] and Latin America Communist terrorist groups. The Sandinistas made life under Somoza look like heaven just like the Islamic Republic of Iran made life under the Shah look like heaven.
The Sandinistas killed Miskito Indians and also persecuted and exiled nearly all [or all] Nicaraguan Jews. If any Nicaraguan Jews did remain, the Sandinistas persecuted them. So I oppose the Sandinistas as a Jew. Exiled Nicaraguan Jews came after the Contra victory, in which Nicaraguan democracy was created.
The Sandinsitas were also allied to Libya and Iran. The Sandinistas were allied to Iran despite the fact that they were non-Muslims. Despite their ideologies, both hated America. The 1984 elections in Nicaragua were rigged.
The Sandinistas were engaged in state and international terrorism. Yet they successfully duped the world including the World Court of Justice in portraying themselves as innocent victims of the US and as courageously fighting the US hegemony. The World Court foolishly ruled in Nicaragua's favor. If the US complied, then it would've been a victory for Soviet-supported Communist tyranny. Individuals within the Contras committed atrocities on Nicaraguan civilians. However, they were condemned by most of the Contras including the Contra leaders.
The Contras mainly targeted Sandinista targets.
The US was under a horrible economy, which Reagan improved. To be fair, people waited in the gas station because of the Arab boycott on America for America's support toward Israel during the Yom Kippur war. The US was [and is] too dependent on Arab oil. One reason is that we can't use most of the non-Arab oil because the environmentalists kept falsely claiming it would cause the temperature to rise and also falsely claimed that it would destroy the environment. US presidents, Democrat and Republican alike, chose to be dependent mostly on Arab oil only which leads the US to delude itself about Saudi Arabia being moderate because they have the most oil, despite their support for radical Islamist terrorism, the fact that non-Muslims have no right, despite the fact that it's nowhere near a democracy and despite the fact that the Saudis support terrorists and fund and control mosques around the world that incites radical Islamist terrorism. The US couldn't stand up to Saudi Arabia because they have the power to not to give the US the oil, which would severely damage our [America's] economy.
Carter also wrote a distorted anti-israel book called Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. Fortunately, many people in the Carter Center had enough sense to know that the book is distorted and resigned from the Carter Center.
I will not mention all of Carter's foolish mistakes in this article. I showed the foolishness of talking to Hamas [and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood], which never changed its position on Israel or their interpretations of Islam, the west, or their goal of turning the world into a Sunni caliphate.


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