Saturday, February 23, 2008

Refuting Bob Novak

Bob Novak’s "Walled-Off Christians" is a distorted editorial. It blames the suffering of Palestinian Christians on Israel and its security fence. Palestinian Christians are suffering much worse persecution under the Muslims. When any Palestinian Christians or Muslim criticizes Israel’s occupation, the security fence and her settlements, they don’t hide their identity. They know Israel won’t harm them for that. If Palestinian Christians talk about the persecution they face under the radical Islamists, they will be killed. That’s why they hide their identity when talking about it. Which sounds worse for Palestinian Christians, Israel’s occupation or the power of radical Islam? I don’t know about you. I choose the latter. Bob Novak is really a sympathizer for Hamas, which is an Islamic Fundamentalist group fighting for the establishment of an Islamic fundamentalist state that replaces Israel and includes the west Bank and Gaza.

The state the Hamas wants is a state that is Judenrein, i.e. empty of Jews and where Christians are severely persecuted and if anyone criticizes it would be killed. Under the Palestinian state Hamas wants if you convert from Islam to another religion, you’d be killed. I call on every non-Muslims and moderate Muslims [including moderate Palestinian Muslims] to oppose Hamas. It is Hamas [the group Novak is spreading propaganda for]who is one of the groups persecuting Palestinian Christians and throwing people out of windows. Bob Novak went as far as to call Hamas freedom fighters.

Novak is making distortions. While blaming Israel’s security fence, he also omits evidence of how much worse are the fate of Christians under the Muslims and the fact that if a Palestinian state is created, it would make life much worse for Palestinian Christians. It is true that Palestinian Christians are not too pro-Israel. Still, they are much worse under their Palestinian rulers like Hamas, who Novak propagandizes for.



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